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April 2017

Members of the fifth Commission have approved and passed their last end of term policy documents. These include the following;
1. The Annual Report FY 2015/2016
2. The 4 year Strategic Plan from FY2016/17- FY2019/2020
3. The Local Government Finance Commission Regulations.
4. The end of term Report
Please keep checking on this website for a copy of these documents to be uploaded soon.

“Start investment early and live a happy retirement”. These were Mr.Ocici Charles’ words of enthusiasm as he introduced a guideline on how to save and invest for retirement.
The executive director, Enterprise Uganda, says majority of government workers reach retirement without a proper source of income to sustain their lives after leaving their current jobs.

The Local Government Finance Commission has installed and trained 151 Local Governments to adopt the use of the Local Revenue Database Management system to help track their revenue performance from tax payers.
Mr.Ogwang James, the Principal Financial Analyst at Local Government Finance Commission said their technical team has installed the Local Revenue Data Base system in 151 Local Governments (Districts, Municipalities and Town Councils).

Annual Report 2014-2015