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HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The Commission shall advise the President on all matters concerning the distribution of revenue between the Government and Local Governments and the allocation to each Local Government of money out of the Consolidated Fund. 

The Commission shall consider and recommend to the President potential sources of revenue for Local Governments.

Dr. Agnes Atim Apea PhD - Chairperson

Dr Apea is a Rural Development Specialist with proven expertise in decentralization policy, research and practice in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has significant understanding of fiscal decentralization, rural development financing and decentralization practice and policy. She has over 20 years work experience as a rural development practitioner and consultant with various national, regional and multinational organizations including African Union, United Nations, Commonwealth, USAID, DFID, EU etc.

Mr. Yunus Mugabe - Vice Chairperson

Mr. Yunus Mugabe represents Central Government on the Commission. He is the Vice Chairperson of the 6th Commission and serving his first term. He was elected in November 2017. Mr. Mugabe is a distinguished communication expert with vast experience in Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Management having previously worked for various media organizations like Daily Monitor Newspaper. Mr. Mugabe has also worked in the President’s Office as a Resident District Commissioner in various Districts and also as a District Council Speaker for Hoima, Chairperson of District Council Speakers in Uganda (UDIGOSA) and a member of Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA) Executive Committee Representing District Council Speakers.

Ms.Deborah Kyazike Kinobe - Member

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Mr. Charles Katarikawe

Mr. Charles Katarikawe Represents Urban Authorities and is serving his first term. He has a very long experience in urban administration having served as Town Clerk in various town councils and municipalities of Uganda. He was a consultant to Namibia on decentralized governance. He retired from the Ministry of Local Government at a rank of Commissioner urban administration.

Ms.Kemigisa Grace - Member

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Mr.Norman Birungi

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Mr. Sam Ogenrwoth

Mr. Sam Ogenrwoth represents District Local Governments on the Commission and is serving his first term. He has a wealth of experience in public management and Administration and he is a former Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Arua District.

Annual Report 2014-2015