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The Second Rural Sector Support Project (RSSP) aims to revitalize the rural economy in Rwanda and improve the quality of life of the rural poor through the transfer of technical and financial resources for sustainable rural development. Particular attention will be paid to the needs of vulnerable groups among those displaced; especially those below the poverty line, the landless, the elderly, women and children, indigenous groups and the ethnic minorities or other displaced persons who may not be protected through Rwandan land compensation legislation. The objective is to provide additional assistance which may be necessary to restore pre-project living standards. The Rwandan Land Policy ensures equal right to land use for all Rwandan citizens. In order to achieve the objective of the Land Policy, Rwanda is undergoing a land reform process targeting three main objectives: (1) Use of the Land for economic growth and poverty reduction, (2) Ensuring equal rights to land for all Rwandans and (3) Protecting environment and land resources. A number of organic laws, decrees and orders have been and are still being prepared and promulgated to facilitate the implementation of the Rwandan Land Policy. These measures include ensuring that land is made available adjacent to the market site for continued trading while construction activities take place. It estimates that 8,807 marshland farmers, alone will be affected.

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