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The project Public Financial Management Strengthening Technical Assistance Project has changed to Active. To see more information, see the project information in the World Bank project database The objective of the Additional Financing for the Public Financial Management Strengthening Technical Assistance Project for Senegal is to enhance budget credibility, transparency and accountability mechanisms in the use and management of central government financial resources. The changes introduced under the additional financing will involve scaling up as well as changes in the scope of the project and restructuring of the original project. The development objective has been revised to cater for the specific objectives resulting from the introduction of a Public Sector Performance-based management and results monitoring system, and to support the acquisition of a fully integrated budget and financial management IT platform. Progress towards achievement of the PDO under the ongoing project, as well as the overall Implementation Progress (IP), has been rated satisfactory for the duration of the project (three years). The additional credit will finance: (i) the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), including the strengthening of IFMIS skills transfer and other change management activities to support the sustainability of the IFMIS and enhance local IFMIS management capacity; (ii) the strengthening of public procurement system, focusing on performance and service delivery; and (iii) the implementation of a Public Sector Performance-Based Management System and results monitoring of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE). The additional financing will build on the positive results of the project to date. Even though the 2012 presidential elections resulted in leadership changes that slowed down the implementation of the project after effectiveness, a close monitoring of key activities and a more proactive implementation team allowed the project to close the gap. To date, the disbursement rate of the project stands at 43.0 percent, a significant improvement from 11.9 percent as of May 2013.

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