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The Local Government Finance Commission has installed and trained 151 Local Governments to adopt the use of the Local Revenue Database Management system to help track their revenue performance from tax payers.
Mr.Ogwang James, the Principal Financial Analyst at Local Government Finance Commission said their technical team has installed the Local Revenue Data Base system in 151 Local Governments (Districts, Municipalities and Town Councils).
“Currently, the Local Revenue Database Management System is working best in 32 Districts Local Governments and 14 Municipal Councils,” he said.
He said this in an interview on March 20th, 2017 that a field report indicates that Local Governments are using the Database.
The establishment of the Local Revenue Database was piloted in the financial year 2011/12 in Kalangala District to help Local Government create registers for their tax payers.
Mr. Ogwang who is in charge of local revenue said the Local Revenue Database has enabled Local Governments establish registers for local revenues sources.
He noted that there has been an increase number of tax payers registered and the revenue collected.
He however said the laxity in updating registers and inadequate equipment has affected revenue collection.
“The Local Government staff are not doing what they are supposed to do because they lack updated registers from the lower Local Governments which delays the estimated revenues to be collected,” Mr.Ogwang said.
He called upon District administrators to put emphasis on close supervision of their technical staff to have Local Revenue Database established which will help improve on local revenue collection.

Annual Report 2014-2015