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Job Summary

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Director Revenue and Research



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Senior Financial Analyst


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Senior Internal Auditor


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Job Description

                                                  EXTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT

Local  Government  Finance  Commission,  established  under Article  194  of the  Constitution  of the Republic of Uganda and mandated to advise the President on all matters concerning the distribution of revenue between the Government and local governments and the allocation to each local government of monies out of the Consolidated  Fund  among others.


Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified  Ugandans to fill the following  vacant positions on the  new LGFC structure. The detailed job  description  and persons specifications can be downloaded  from the LGFC website


The interested  applicants should  submit hard copies of the application  in triplicate specifying the position with a detailed curriculum vitae, cover letter, photocopies of academic certificates, and testimonials or may submit applications through  LGFC Email:


Application should be submitted to the Secretary, Local Government Finance Commission, Workers House, 10″ Floor,  Northern Wing to be received not later than 5.00pm,Friday 28″

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How to apply

1.Reference:  LGFC/DRR/2024

Job Title:                        Director  Revenue and Research

Salary  Scale:                  LGF-2L

Age:                               45-55  Years

Reports to:                    Secretary to the Commission

Directly  Supervises:

.   Principal  Financial Analyst  (Local Revenue)

.   Principal  Financial  Analyst  (Grants)

.     Principal  Data  Analyst

Job  Purpose   :

To provide  research-based advice to Government and coordinate all  programmes and activities regarding the allocation of grants to Local Governments and the options available for generating local  revenue.

Key Functions

(1)          Provide  technical  advice  to  the  Commission  Secretary  (CS)   and  Top  Managers  and Interpret policies and regulations on local governments financing and local revenue generation;

(2)          Carry  out Research  and Analysis  on matters  of interest  to the Local  Government  Finance

Commission  and provide  appropriate  Strategic  Policy advice;

(3)          Develop   and   maintain  a   framework   for   accessing  and  analyzing   policies  and  data originating   from   MDAs  for   purposes   of  informing   the   Local   Government   Finance Commission  Policy Advice

(4)        Consolidate briefs from  departments under the Directorate of Revenue and  Research for presentation  to the Local  Government  Finance  Commission

(5)          Oversee,  coordinate and monitor the budget and financial  analysis on Local  Governments

to assess  performance,  adherence  to the  standards  and absorption  capacity to utilize  the allocated  resources;

(6)         Initiate  research  into  areas  of revenue mobilization  for  LGs  and advise the Commission and Local  Governments  accordingly

(7)         Establish and maintain  appropriate systems for data  collection, analysis and interpretation; (8)          Coordinate technical  input for advisory  note,  annual  report  and policy statement;

(9)          Represent commission  on policy forums  on local  Government financing;

(10)       Analyze and submit  technical  reports,  quarterly  and  annual  performance  reports  for the

Di recto rate;

PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS (a)        Qualifications

  • Bachelors  Degree In Economics,  Finance  and Statistics from  a  recognized  Institution;
  • Masters  Degree  in   Financial   Management,   Economic   Policy  and  Management,   Policy Analysis, Public Sector Management, or Business Administration, from a  recognized Institution;
  • A qualification  in  Management Science  is an added  advantage.

(b)        Experience

At  least  ten  (10)  years  working   experience  three  (3)  of which   must  have  been  in  a   Senior Management position,  in  areas of financial  analysis  and  management in  a   Public or  reputable institution.

(c)        Competencies

(i}        Technical

  • Strategic planning  and budgeting  skills
  • Have knowledge  of Fiscal  decentralization
  • Understand  Inter-governmental  fiscal  issues
  • Ability to analyze policy, write  reports and Policy  Briefs
  • Possess  Monitoring  and evaluation  skills
  • Understand    Revenue  enhancement  principles/models
  • Knowledge  in  project  Planning  and implementation  reviews
  • Able to carry out research;
  • Leadership  Skills
  • Computer literate



  • Self-driven  and demonstrated  ability to achieve  results
  • Effective  communication
  • Time Management
  • Strong  interpersonal  skills
  • Ability to organize and lead  a  winning  Team
  • Ethics  and Integrity
  • Respect for others
  • Able to mentor juniors


  1. 2. Reference: LGFC/SFA/2024

Job Title: Senior  Financial  Analyst

Salary  Scale: LGF-5

Age: 30-45 Years

Reports to:Principal  Financial  Analyst

Directly Supervises: Financial  Analysts

Job  Purpose   :

To provide  technical  inputs  and guidance  for correct funding  of local  governments  through  the grants  system

Key Functions

(1)         Analyze   local   government’s   responsibilities   to  ascertain   levels   of  service   provision committed.

(2)         Ascertain  criteria  applied when determining  funding  for local  governments

(3)           Analyze the  level  of funding provided  in relation  to service  provision  committed

(4)         Review  local  governments  funding in  light of their responsibility with  view of provision  of equity and fairness  in allocation  of grants

(5)          Make  recommendations  and to provide  guidelines  on how to operationalise  equalization

grants following fiscal capacity and service  delivery assessment

(6)          Coordinate fiscal  decentralization  strategy implementation

(7)         Liaise with the ministry of finance planning  and economic development and line  ministries on the funding of priority  program  areas


(a)       Qualifications

(i)         An Honors  Bachelors  Degree in Economics or Statistics from  a  recognized Institution from a  recognized  institution;

(ii)       A Masters  Degree in Economics or Statistics, or MBA,  MPA with  a bias  in  Economics, from

a  recognized  Institution

(b)        Experience

At least 3  years working  experience in  a  public or reputable  organization.

(c)              Competencies

(i)      Technical

  • Must  have knowledge  on Fiscal  decentralization
  • Understand  Intergovernmental  fiscal issues
  • Possess  Monitoring  and evaluation  Skills
  • Understand  Public  Sector Reform
  • Must have knowledge  on Revenue  enhancement

Possess Strategic  Planning  and Budgeting  Skills

  • Knowledgeable in  analytical  reviews  performance  reviews/assessment  studies  and project  implementation  reviews
  • Must have Research  skills
  • Possess  Report writing  skills
  • Knowledge  in project  Planning  and implementation
  • Ability to analyze policy, write  reports  and Policy  Briefs
  • Computer  literate

(ii)         Behavioral

  • Self-driven  and demonstrated  ability to achieve results
  • Effective  communication
  • Strong  interpersonal  skills
  • Ability to organize  and lead  a  winning  Team
  • Ethics  and Integrity
  • Time Management
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  1. 3. Reference: LGFC/SIA/2024

Job Title: Senior Internal  Auditor

Salary  Scale: LGF-5

Age:30-45 Years

Reports to:Commission  Secretary

Job  Purpose

To ensure compliance  and  adherence  to financial  systems  in  order  to  safeguard  the financial resources  entrusted  to the Local  Government  Finance  Commission

Key Functions

(1)        Detect  potential  areas of financial  risks and  put  in place systems to guard against them;

(2)        Continuously  review and appraise the  soundness,  adequacy,  application  and efficiency  of financial,  accounting  and other operational  controls;

(3)        Provide  technical  support to ensure compliance  with  the existing  financial  and accounting plans,  policies  and procedures  by management;

(4)        Guide LGFC on compliance  to financial  regulations,  legislations  and internal  controls;

(5)        Review and report  on systems  for generating  financial  information  and data, the  reliability and integrity of financial statements and other related accounting and financial  information;

(6)       Conduct  systems  audit  to ascertain  compliance  to applicable  legislations  and regulations and internal  controls  by LGFC;

(7)        Conduct   Value  for   Money   audits   on  LGFC   expenditures   and   on-going  projects   and programmes  in the LGFC;

(8)        Conduct  reviews  on resources acquisition,  deployment,  utilization,  disposal  and safety  of

Government assets.

(9)        Verify  financial  transactions  and ensure compliance  with  the  current  financial  regulations, procedures  and practices;

(10)     To oversee  preparation  of periodic  audit  reports  and  submit  to  relevant  authorities  for action;

(11)     Advise the  Management of the  LGFC on matters  regarding  financial  accountability;

(12)     Bring  to  the attention  of the LGFC  Management  any matters  of financial  impropriety  or mismanagement.


(i)    EITHER: An Honors  Bachelors Degree in either Commerce (Accounting option) or Business

Administration Accounting option) or Business Studies (Accounting option) or Finance and

Accounting  plus  Full  professional  qualification  in  Accountancy  such  as ACCA,  CPA,  ACIS

and CPE obtained  from  a  recognized  awarding  Institution/body accredited  by ICPAU;

(ii)          OR  Full   professional   qualification   in  Accountancy  such   as  ACCA,  CPA,  ACIS  and  CPE obtained  from  a  recognized  awarding  Institution/body accredited  by ICPAU;

(iii)        A   minimum    of  a    Post   graduate    Diploma   in    Financial    Management   or   Business

Administration  from  a  recognized Institution;

(b)        Experience

At  least  three  (33)  years  of relevant  working  experience  as  an Auditor  in  public  or  a  reputable organization.

(c)        Competencies

(i)         Technical

  • Financial  Management and Accountability skills;
  • Planning,  Organizing  and Coordinating;
  • Analytical  and judgmental  skills.
  • Able to play around  with  figures;
  • Information  Technology;
  • Report writing  skills

(ii)      Behavioral

  • Able to communicate  effectively
  • Concern for quality and standards;
  • strong  ethical  standards  and high levels  of integrity;
  • resilience under pressure;
  • Assertiveness  and Self Confidence;
  • Time management

Key Deadlines

Application deadline: June 28, 2024