Former Chairperson’s Message

I take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC) Uganda website. It is our expectation that you will find this website useful in providing information relating, particularly, to fiscal decentralisation and local government finance in Uganda.

Fiscal decentralisation (intergovernmental fiscal relations), and local government finance generally, is the lifeblood to any decentralisation programme. In Uganda, which has adopted decentralisation as the bedrock of local governance, it becomes imperative that the fiscal arrangements intended to actualise the programme are not only properly crafted but should as well be constantly monitored and appropriately guided to achieve improved service delivery within the context of poverty eradication goals and promote sustainable development.

The Local Government Finance Commission is mandated under the Constitution of Uganda (1995) and the Local Government Finance Commission Act (2003) to advise the President on all matters regarding transfer of resources from the central government to local governments (and allocation to each local government) and to advise local governments on matters relating to revenue from sources devolved to them (local governments).

The mission of the Commission is to attain efficiency, effectiveness and equity in transfers to local governments (grant system) as well as improved revenue mobilisation/generation by local governments. In these pages, you will therefore find some of the activities, studies, actions and plans by the Commission aimed at attaining this mission.

The former Sixth Commission comprising of six members was appointed by President in November 2017, they are:-

  • Mr. Sam ogenrwoth  -Chairperson
  • Mr.Yunus Mugabe    -Vice Chairperson
  • Mr.Norman Birungi -Member
  • Ms.Kemigisa Grace   -Member
  • Ms.Deborah Kyazike Kinobe -Member
  • Charles Katarikawe  -Member

I invite you to visit the site regularly and through comments and suggestions give us feedback on the site itself but more importantly on how we can improve on the delivery on the Commission’s mandate.